PTO Snow Blower Repair

The following video is a how to fix a tractor PTO snow blower fan that no longer throws snow.  Over the years, I noticed that our snow in Northern Idaho is not staying the typical dry powder; now, it is primarily a heavy slush. January, historically, is our coldest month. Now, the coldest month seem to fluctuate between December or February. When the snow turns to slush or wet snow, the plow truck does not have the strength to push it. I have an older F150 4×4. 

The video explains a specific problem that occurred with our rear mount PTO snow blower after an accident with it. I troubleshoot the problem, show how I fix the problem amidst a snow storm, and succeed in removing the snow to get us and our neighbors out.

Years ago, I wrote a post and created a a post, “Whether to buy a Snow Plow or Not. (Saving Money when it doesn’t feel like it.)” From the beginning of the first snow storms this season until now, I have spent over 40 hours removing snow from the road.  Removing each 6” of snowfall is between 3 and 4 hours pending the condition of the snow. If it is slush or heavy wet snow, that time doubles to 6 to 8 hours.  At the time I wrote the above mentioned article, I was quoted $105.00 per hour to plow out at 6 inches. As of winter this year 2021-2022, I would be at an estimated $4200.00 if I requested someone to work on the road as much as I have.  


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