Antique Lamp Restoration: Fail and Success

Smash! What was that? The lamp in the living room had crashed to the floor. Both our dogs cowered under the dining room table.  The rough housing had become too much, and they caught the cord in their excitement and brought our home’s ugly, taupe lamp to its final end. 

The lamp had been repaired twice before, but now it lay shattered and in ruins. The light bulb still glowing brightly among the wreckage.

In the video below, you will learn how to take the remains of one lamp and bring new life to another antique base that was nearly forgotten in an obscure corner of a local antique mall.   

Please share a time in which you brought new life to a thing that was forgotten or neglected. Stories of upcycling or salvaging something always inspire me, so thanks in advance for your story.


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