The Ultimate Social Distancing Face Shield

Teachers and students are preparing for their return to school this fall. Many schools have been advised to implement strict measures to meet CDC guidelines before returning to school.  Face masks or face shields on students and teachers are being required by many schools.  Here’s a solution to meet the standard and then surpass it.

Fear leads to anger: To face mask or not, that is an interesting question.  Some people won’t even allow the question to be asked; it is their way and only their way.  Fear is the driving force of our society now.  Fear of germs or fear of losing our freedom and country to restrictive measures.  None the less it is both fear.  And as Yoda pointed out to a very young Anikan Skywalker, “Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. And, hate leads to the dark side of the force.” Where are you on this spectrum?  Are you at fear, anger, hate, or the dark side of the force doing irrational harm to others?  Or, perchance you have left the paradigm altogether and are at peace within yourself and desperately trying to bring peace to others.

Where am I in all this? I am trying to figure it out.  So many boisterous people are bellowing their stance without providing the factual studies and figures. I want to know the facts to be scientific and logical about it, but still be respecting and loving of humanity during these times.  I do know I despise bullies and I really can’t stand the overuse of propaganda to berate, belittle, or bribe people to be “one of us” by siding with a perspective versus the known facts.

Here are the facts: Cloth masks are only 3% effective.  With each exhale 100% of whatever was released into the room, 97% of the virus has traveled through the cloth mask and into the wild.  How do I know this, well, the WHO, CDC, and NIH all know it and for legal reasons it is still posted on their websites if you dig for it. (See Link).  So, cloth masks as Dr. Fauci first stated was correct (Dr. Fauci Mask statement link here). They don’t do any good and only makes a person feel safer.  However, his opinion has flipped flopped and the question is why? (Censored link here)

May help… It’s all in the wording. May in this case, like the studies mentioned before and as the science community knows is 3%.

However that being said, if a person social distances 1 meter, or 3 feet, a person receives 82% protection from viral transference.  Add 3% protection with a mask and person receives 85% protection.  If you look at the data the other way, social distancing 1 meter gives a person 18% exposure.   However, the mask would only provide 3% of the 18% transference which in reality is less than 1%, but let’s remain positive and stay with WHO’s 85% protection; 82% from social distancing and 3% with the mask and hand washing (See link).

Here’s the quote from the article. “The review found that keeping a distance of at least 3 feet (1 meter) from other people lowered the chance of coronavirus infection or spread by 82%, and keeping a distance of 6 feet (2 m) could be even more effective.” Live Science quoting WHO’s study.

This data was collected on August 11th. 2020 from

Next, the death rate:  Currently, the death rate is holding at 3% to 6% in the United States, depending on how you calculate the data.  The data according to World-o-meter verifies this (See link).  Here’s the data I have as of Tuesday this past week.


If you calculate (total deaths/total deaths + total recovered) = 6% mortality rate in the United States.

If you calculate (total deaths/total infected) =3% mortality rate in the U.S.

If you calculate (total deaths/total population) = 0.05%, but that would be an irrational calculation to make, so if you see this one it is not accurate and used for propaganda purposes.

According to the CDC website, the typical influenza deaths of the United States 2017 was 2% of all deaths (See link). The total number of influenza and pneumonia related deaths in 2017 was 55,672. Currently for the 2020 year, we are at 171,535 deaths for covid-19.  Heart disease was the leading cause of death with 647,457  lives lost in 2017.  Some causes of heart disease, which no one apparently cares about, are obesity, high cholesterol and blood pressure, being physically inactive, smoking, eating an unhealthy diet, and clinical depression. If The NIH, CDC, and WHO really cared about human lives, all Americans would be mandated to compulsory exercise, lower sugar intake, smoking is banned and illegal besides one puff shows how ineffective a cloth mask is, and compulsory diets with stores refusing to sell certain processed food items to obese people.  But such mandates would destroy certain corporate profits just as this virus is leading to certain corporate profits.  Always follow the money, and it will lead to the motivation behind much of our regulations and policies. So, are we at pandemic levels? I at least know heart disease is.

Here’s the reality: Covid-19 is real and it effects people in a variety of ways. Some people have a terrible ordeal that lasts up to months while others may not even realized they even had it, and some, very few compared to the overall population, will lose their lives.  Will I wear a mask if required. Yes, but only if the person I am wearing the mask for admits the stats.  Most mask wearers do, they are being coerced by their work, favorite stores, and even restaurants in which you have to take off the mask to eat.  I, however, cannot wear a mask for long periods of time. I eventually suffer from a migraine, and I am incapacitated for much of the next day.  So my visits to places requiring masks are brief, which helps out with avoiding exposure, I guess.

The problem: Very few people are looking at the data put out by the CDC, NIH, and WHO.  People are listening to people’s opinions on the data.  The narrative is to mask up and it will protect you and your love one’s.  This is a blatant lie.  I even heard from a radio talk show host who deals with personal finance as he  pontificated over the airwaves, “not wearing a mask could possibly kill you or the ones you love.”  Basically, not wearing a mask makes you a potential suicidal murderer?  No wonder people are freaking out. Seriously, is anyone seeing through this propaganda?  Wearing a mask gives a person at the most 3% protection from each exhale a person makes, 5.91% if two people are wearing a mask.  I think I am still sounding too positive here, let me sound more like a radio show economist.  “Each mask wearer’s exhale has a 97% kill rate to a person standing within 3 feet of each breath they exhale. If you are wearing a mask and thinking it is protecting you or the person you love, you are 97% wrong and possibly killing them, yourself or both.”

Masks are not our savior, which will soon be revealed to all. The government will admit their lie to make us, the mask wearers, feel better and safer.  However, they and large profit seeking pharmaceutical corporations have a nice vaccine waiting for us this fall, and they aren’t lying about that like they were about the masks. Right?

Fear Not:  Time for a change in thinking.  Shut the fearmongering news media and Facebook news feed down.  Fear causes anxiety and stress which lowers your immune system’s ability to fight off disease. Realize you have over a 97%, 98% if you live in Idaho and currently 100% if you live in our county, survival rate without a mask or vaccine.  Your immune system was designed for just such an occasion as this.  Doctors have learned how to suppress the symptoms of this disease using old techniques as well as new ones that don’t require a vaccine. Many hospitals are saving lives of people who are at risk and in critical condition, but due to political reasons beyond the left right paradigm, they are not allowed to share their success.

Take this time to do your own preventative measures; exercise, go for walks in the beautiful summer mornings and evenings. Eat healthy. Take in less processed sugar, which coronavirus loves.  You will also lower your chance of  heart disease as well. Enjoy farmers’ markets and buy some fresh organic strawberries, blackberries, peaches, pears, etc..  Enjoy your family. Smile, laugh, be silly and play.  Laughter heals and detoxes your body, your mind, and your spirit.  Leave the city, go for a hike in nature, take a drive in the country on back highways you have never been.  Be kind.  Each human being is like you, a person, and each of us needs to experience joy, but joy also comes from within.  You have to take the time to make joy happen.  Don’t argue or fuss, encourage each other.  We are making history together.  Our society is going through a shift. How we respond is up to us.  Remember joy is not taken; it is surrendered.

What are you doing right now to build your immune system and live a healthy life?  Have you noticed the propaganda online in the media concerning wearing or not wearing masks? How do you feel about all these mask mandates when the mask is ineffective in preventing the spread of the coronavirus?  How come the government is not mandating immune boosting diets, vitamins, herbs and exercise to help boost your immune system? Are you reading the scientific papers yourself, not people’s opinions about them, but the research itself?  Do you know how difficult it is to find the science journals containing the research using a Google search?

Ultimately, I hope this post finds you well and this crazy face mask I made makes you laugh.  The reason I did it was to bring joy into the hearts of my students who are entering a very bleak school year that will treat them more like prisoners and Petri dishes than as human beings.


12 thoughts on “The Ultimate Social Distancing Face Shield

  1. I wish I had kept the old BSL-4 suit I was using for donning and doffing practice. It would have been interesting walking into a store while wearing it.

    “Everyone! Please stay calm! This is merely a precaution!”



    • I am running into people who are too scared even to go into public places. Shame on our political leaders. I also believe the pandemic is more than political. I think it is being used to destroy the freedoms of the people. What’s that quote? People who surrender liberty for safety deserve neither. I haven’t thought about patenting the shield. Just a good pandemic gag to ease tension in school this fall. I don’t plan to be wearing it long.

      Liked by 1 person

      • You got that right Mark… I get a chuckle when you see people ALONE in their care wearing a mask! I only wear one if they ask me too and its kind of a phony one… Wonder how fast it goes away after the election… Hope you get back to school… The mask should be a hit when you go back….. Keep the faith….


  2. If you want a top-notch mask for being out in public (not great for teaching/talking at length), it is available for relatively little. Buy an elastomeric CPR mask from Amazon for about 10 bucks (e.g. WNL’s version) and buy a case of N100 VB48Max PFT filters from A-M Systems (1 buck a piece, reusable for 1-2 weeks). This will provide better protection (99.9% vs 95% protection) and be more comfortable than an N95 mask. In addition, unlike the N95s, the elastomeric mask does not degrade with reuse.


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