Beat the Heat: Purchase a fan that will last

Over the years, my wife and I have started to see a rapid decline in quality made goods.  During a heat wave, we did not want to be looking for a fan to replace one that shorted out, rattled apart, or melted all due to it being plastic.

Quality Matters: These classic metal fans have lasted over a generation. Plastic fans are not made to last, but to needlessly fill land-fills and turn a durable item into a consumable for company profits.

One hot summer, my wife and I were enjoying an air-conditioned antique store in town when I saw a relic fan from the 1940’s.  I plugged the two prong fan in, and it worked great.  The fan was made of metal and was working 70+ years after its creation.  We had thrown away our plastic fan which rattled the protective cage apart, shorted out, and melted from continued use during a heat wave.  No more would we purchase a plastic fan.

The hunt for an energy efficient metal fan began.  At our local outfitter, farm and feed store I found several metal, shop fans.  We decided to purchase a larger size fan, knowing we would be adding to the decibel levels in our home, but trading that for rapid air movement that would cool our home off quickly and succinctly.

We have had this fan now for 2 years.  I filmed this video during the heat wave of 2018.  It has surpassed the plastic fans we purchased in the past.  We paid more for this fan, but calculating the replacing of inferior fans over the years, a metal fan is by far a better deal.

Years ago, I considered buying that old fan in the antique store, but the amperage ratings were higher than the newer metal fans.  Living off grid every amp hour counts when calculating the life of the battery bank and potential stored power for the cloudy, stormy days.

Another reason we do not want to consider purchasing a plastic fan is we are just tired of contributing more useless plastic to the land fills.



2 thoughts on “Beat the Heat: Purchase a fan that will last

  1. There’s nothing like a GOOD Fan.. Bruce has 2 of these “BIG BOYS”. that he uses for his work, to help dry out things. He’s also had them for years and they just keep going .. Stay cool, and have a great 4th of July.
    Love you,
    Aunt Patty Dawn ❤


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