Save Money on Plumbing, Also Building a Bypass for a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are prone to corrode with hard water deposits and propane water heaters have a possibility of freezing in the winter due to the cold air sneaking in through the ventilation. A bypass is an easy way to avoid both scenarios. I created this bypass with parts anyone can purchase at a hardware supply store to drain and clean the tankless water heater when needed.

If you ever want to save money, learn the basics of plumbing, so you will never need to call a plumber.

I put a disclaimer on the end of the YouTube video to explain that I am not a certified plumber. My plumbing skills developed when we lived on the Oregon Coast.  We purchased an older home and every faucet gave out while we were living there due to corrosion.  I replaced every faucet, hot water tank, and shut off valve during a break to stop every leak in the house.  I self taught myself everything and asked detailed questions of the George Morlan crew who sold me the parts I needed.  I spent probably $500.00 overall by purchasing closed out fixtures.  Later, my neighbor came to me and complained about a faucet of his giving out and how it cost him over $100.00 just for a plumber to drive to his house.  Then the plumber charged him for the faucet around $200.00, but it was a special order part, so he had to make a second $100.00 trip.  The third $100.00 trip was to fetch a special connector the plumber did not have in his truck that the new part needed.  When I heard that I replaced every faucet in my house, over 6 of them, for the price of one faucet by a professional plumber, I vowed never to call a plumber for any work I might need done.

Bypass Finished… I used faucet connectors to run the last leg to the tankless water heater. I can loosen them to easily drain or even build a pump system to flush the unit using these flexible water lines on the left.

Eventually, I will need to clean the tankless water heater of hard water deposits.  I will design a pump that can flush the system with vinegar using the original connectors that I can easily disengage using the bypass.  However, since it is new, why rush things by spending money and time building a system we won’t need for a few years.

Thanks for joining us on this plumbing adventure.  I will say this… as my wife already knows from long ago on the Oregon Coast…”I hate plumbing, but I love the money we save.”


3 thoughts on “Save Money on Plumbing, Also Building a Bypass for a Tankless Water Heater

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