This Post was Written by a Human

Domo arigato Mr. Roboto. A classic line from Styx 1983 song “Mr. Roboto.” If you look at the lyrics, the song seems to be prophetic as to where society is heading or even on the edge of the precipice. At Living a Sustainable Dream we have been spammed at an exponential rate to consider letting an AI write our posts for us.  The concept is to have an AI continue the creation of new content to appease algorithms with AI mathematically selected content that will boost blog popularity, which increases traffic, subscribers, and eventually ad revenue.  However, I am also receiving spam from other questionable companies that will unleash a paid for mercenary of bots to search for and flood my comment sections and view counts to trick algorithms into thinking my content has gone viral. The same effect occurs …more traffic, and eventually more ad revenue. The only difference is the subscribers are fake and don’t exist outside a computer main frame. Don’t believe me? 49.3% of President Biden’s 22.2 million Twitter followers are fake. Good thing bots can’t vote!? The trend has becomes so popular that even the president of the United States is purchasing bots to make his tweets go viral just like so many of social media’s “influencers”. Influencers of whom, you may ask? Answer to follow.

At Living a Sustainable Dream, we will never use bots to gain your attention. The misspelled and grammatically incorrect content are all human flaws that you can count on and expect here. I do try proof my content before posting, and yet, some errors just escape me.  Sorry, I am after all only human.

I do apologize for also not posting as much as I have had in the past. My creative side is being drained by my life as a teacher. I find all my creativity is dumped into a world in which I work exponentially harder than my students. I offer great opportunities in my classes, yet students are just not interested in anything that is not social media or video game driven. Our children have no idea how manipulated they are becoming by bots, not even real people. I offer real world lessons, but students crave the artificial world being created for them. Above question answered.

This is a picture taken of an assignment I was creating for my history class. The cell phone on the left used an A.I. to answer the question even setting the sentence minimum to 5. The answer took less than 30 seconds to generate. Photo by WebberMD.

Which brings me to another lesson I have learned.  Today, if students submit an email and phone number verification, they can ask an artificial intelligence A.I. anything. They could type in a question from a teacher and within 30 seconds the A.I. spits out an acceptable answer that can be copied and pasted into the assignment. Need a 3 point informative essay, no problem, the A.I. can do it for them without plagiarism. Sure, the children have opened their personal email and cell phone up to an AI that can learn from them as well, but what is privacy compared to a life of ease and comfort?

The children are not the only ones affected. Some teachers are jumping on the A.I. bandwagon. Need to create an assignment in a hurry, but don’t have time to read an article, book, or watch a video to create material for your students? Just ask an A.I. to read or watch it for you and come up with 20 important questions student should answer to demonstrate knowledge. Now the teacher can enjoy a life of ease and attend more meetings about students who justify never doing their classwork because it isn’t fun.  Students choosing not to learn because it isn’t fun to them.  Yes, these people are rapidly heading to the workforce, just in time for A.I. robots to replace them and send then to the nearest population reduction facility, MAID to order by Canada.  All the while the smart, efficient students use an A.I. to answer the questions created by the teacher’s favorite A.I.. It appears the only one really getting an education is the A.I., while the majority of humanity shifts into a pool of wasted potential and intellect.

Yes, my posts may be few, but they will always be written by us humans who are not wasting our potential or intellect as we prepare to live in a world of Idiocracy.

Some recent quotes by the WEF should suffice at this point since they are think tanking the issues mentioned in this article.

“What do we need so many humans for? … At present the best guess we have is to keep them happy with drugs and computer games. but this doesn’t sound like a very appealing future.”

“The myth of free will that everything we choose is of our own free will and this is a myth that served us well for a couple of centuries, but now it’s becoming dangerous.”

A World Economic Forum member, stated, “It’s the thing, it’s the gadget, it’s the technology that converts biological data into digital data that can be analyzed by computers and having the ability to really monitor people under the skin this is the biggest game changer of all.”

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.




5 thoughts on “This Post was Written by a Human

  1. As an ex-teacher I’m appalled by the future you describe. I can’t help asking ‘who’s benefiting from AI’? And by that I mean, who’s making money from all this?
    AI could be a boon to humanity. Instead, it’s being used to manipulate us. What a mess.


  2. I am pretty sure AI is not being designed for monetary gain for the masses. It seems the masses are being conditioned to use it, thinking it is for them, but in reality it is learning how to replace them. Those who will benefit are those who will use the AI as a replacement for people. But, if people the AI replaces are obsolete, where do the people go?


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