Canning Applesauce with Krista

To celebrate summer and the preparation for canning season, Krista will demonstrate how to can applesauce.  Canning and preserving our own food has been a real treat and blessing.  The taste is always better since we choose ripe fruit, unlike much of the fruit found in the stores that is picked early and ripens in transport. We also control the flavor by deciding whether we want to sweeten our applesauce with more or less sugar. We use non genetically modified food. We also use organically grown food without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

Enjoy the video, and feel free to share your favorite canned/preserved food in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Canning Applesauce with Krista

  1. Hi,Krista,
    As you know I DON’T can, But I watch all of your videos, and I LOVE to see the results. I wish I lived closer, after watching the video of the Saskatoon Jam, and because I would buy a couple of jars … It sounds soooo good and looked Delicious.
    I hope someday we will be able to go to Idaho, and visit You and Mark, and Dave and Ruthie. We love and miss you-all.
    Big Hug’s
    Dawn and Bruce ❤

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