I can’t believe this, yet here we are.

Happy New Year to all our subscribers these past 7 years. We are rolling out another video thanking our subscriber base on YouTube. We just reached 5,000 subscribers this past December in 2021.  In the video, we discuss a wide range of topics that we are facing on the homestead this particular day.

We have survived several snow snowstorms in Northern Idaho over Christmas week. And this day was the first sunny day we had seen in weeks.  Quite breathtaking with all the snow.

Our solar panels will finally charge the battery bank even though they are frozen.

We are making distilled water for the first time due to a distilled water shortage at a few of our local grocery stores.

Krista is doctoring a sick chicken, who is showing signs of intestinal infection.  The treatment that seems to help is probiotics and a bath.

Enjoy the video and the beautiful North Idaho winter day!  More videos to come this new year.

And, Happy New Year!


3 thoughts on “I can’t believe this, yet here we are.

  1. Hi, I have a question about your cook stove. We have a similar stove, the Baker’s Choice model with the stainless steel top. Question for you. After you clean it do you coat it with olive oil or paraffin wax or something similar to protect it from rusting?


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