Tractor Work in the Garden and I Detest this New Blog Format by WordPress

Life has been busy of late. We are starting to feel some normality amongst irregularities in life, so I decided to engage in a blog and just share the update. My wife and I tore the garden beds completely out of the garden. I am burning what remains of the old boxes in our fire pit that we enjoy outside frequently. The new boxes we built have a wire mesh underneath to prevent the gophers from accessing the vegetables. We had quite the battle with gophers last year. This year we have fortified. We also refortified the chicken coop again. We lost another chicken to an invader. We hypothesize it was skunk, but after we rewired the coop, the nightly invasions stopped.

In the 3 minute video, you will hopefully see, shows how beneficial our tractor is to us and how glad I was to squeeze it through the narrow garden gate. Let us know if you like the shorten style video. I have some longer philosophical talks I plan to possibly create.

Truthfully though, I have lost much of my desire to blog and upload videos. I have seen so many good platforms silenced, censored and shadowed banned during the last year, that posting has been difficult. I have opinions same as anyone else, and I have seen and voiced some of the issues with big tech over the years. It has also caused me to be shadowed banned as well. I have seen ad revenue drop significantly so much that putting in the extra hours, which takes time from my family just seems wrong. However, I was blogging without monetary reward and on this platform I still am. Just like many of bloggers out there, I blog to create a sense of community with like minded individuals that share in my interests and hobbies, which are many. Some bloggers are considered high rollers and social “influencers” which is great that you can make money doing this, but don’t let it go to your head. I know the game well enough it sickens me to play by the rules, so I don’t. I am an outlier and that being said, I enjoy the knowledge many blogs put out, but I make my own choices and opinions because everything these days has to be vetted to find the truth, not someone’s paid version of it.

Well, now that I have logged in after a long hiatus, I realize now why I haven’t been back for so long. I really detest this new block style format WordPress has forced onto us bloggers.

I am sure the news of this is old to everyone now and everyone has adjusted to it. However, I really want the classic style back. It gave more control to the user to work with the HTML code, embed videos and pictures as well as I felt like a blogger, not whatever this is. Since I am the last to probably weigh in on this, I would still love to hear what the other bloggers are doing. Adjusting, loving this, living in a different blogging world unaffected, etc.


2 thoughts on “Tractor Work in the Garden and I Detest this New Blog Format by WordPress

    • Looking into switching platforms, abandoning it altogether, or just continuing on with the loss of freedom I once enjoyed while editing and tinkering with the HTML. I guess I could gut it out as the tech companies continue to erase my existence by using their helpful blocks to suggest other videos and sites besides mine. When I started this, there was a sense of community. That seems broken now. Glad you are still around. I plan to post more often this summer. We’ll see.

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