Let’s Get Ready to Rumble: New Beginnings


“Why We Chose to Live Off Grid” was one of our hopeful, flagship videos for YouTube.  We explain the top 2 reasons why we chose to take the leap into an off grid lifestyle.  I have taken the video and remastered it by adding more visual effects and clips to develop the narrative.  If you were here with us 3 years ago, you may remember some of it.  I will place a link to the original post below. Today, I am uploading this video on our new account on Rumble.  Please view the video on Rumble to see the new changes we are making.  Click either the picture or the link below to watch.

Apparently, WordPress will not allow Rumble’s embed code or Rumble will not play nice with WordPress. Click the picture to see the video.

Click here* Why We Chose to Live Off Grid

Changes are coming, whether you have been watching the news, the mandates from legislative and governing bodies from state to federal, the policy changes at your employment due to changes in government. Change is here.  We are not seeing much reprieve,  but more mandates, more fear, more regulations, more economic depression, more anger, more hate, more of what we all don’t want or need.

At Living a Sustainable Dream, we have been living our lives trying to be in peace and harmony with the rest of the world.  We have an upstanding rating with the YouTube Team because we have been honest with every video post and a channel of integrity.  We have continued to develop our blog on WordPress these past 6 years.   We have developed our reputation with our subscribers to bring relevant content and reflect the reality of our daily lives on the homestead as best as we can.

Our posts for 2020 were few and far between. We posted on a monthly average.  We have, like many of you, been navigating the information highway, trying to find the truth about the conditions we are now living.  That being said to find the truth has become more difficult with the rapid big tech censorship, which has now ironically opened many more doors of opportunity for those people who would like to monetize their content online. The media would have you believe any platform besides Google or YouTube is the devil; that is not the case.  Anyone who disagrees with main stream media will eventually be forced to new platforms. These platforms host much of the same information as Google or YouTube, but people who speak out about gun rights, free speech, or those who are in opposition to the Chinese Communist Party’s agenda across the world and in Hong Kong can be found there too. These new platforms allow content creators silenced by the algorithm because they are not big enough, polished enough, or fit a political agenda, a place to generate income.  This allows small creators to continue to afford creating free content for their subscribers. We have decided during this window of opportunity to start using other platforms to distribute and monetize our content.  So, let’s get ready to Rumble…

I have been looking into Rumble as a second platform for a few months.  I will keep you posted on how it goes.  It seems to have been around a few years, and it now has the ability to monetize content for the creators and much of the platform is still yet undiscovered.  Many creators have been looking to BitChute and Vimeo as well. The opportunity to develop content and meet a diverse range of viewership has increased with these smaller platforms trying to carve a small stake in the online ad revenue game. So, if you are a small channel that called it quits, time to dust off and polish some of those great videos and upload them to a different platform that will give you a fair chance during this window of opportunity.

What is a measure of success?  In YouTube’s sphere it is through views, likes and subs. During the last 3 years, our video “Why We Chose to Live Off Grid”, has made a collective 1,439 views as of today.  What gets a video higher up on the YouTube search engine is views, likes, and subs.  So, how does a channel receive views, likes, and subs if they barely register on the search results? If you are a new channel among the millions out there, get ready to compete with syndicated television that have slid onto the YouTube platform and outshines the amateurs who created the YouTube site in the first place.  What was once the gold rush of the digital age has now been taken over by large corporate ad revenue mining operations.  Once successful channels, no longer embraced by the YouTube elite, find themselves on the outer fringe. They no longer end up being in the top search engine results and their continued existence depends on their subscribers and fan base viewing them. Also, YouTube can’t and won’t promote the small channels anymore.  It isn’t ad revenue friendly to do so. However, if you stumble onto an amazing but obscure YouTube channel, subscribe or you will find it very difficult to find them again in the future.

“Why we chose to live off grid” is much of the same reasons for seeking the Wild West on the Internet post censorship world.  The storms of life are censorship not just because a channel may be too conservative, but in the reality too small and insignificant compared to videos of SNL skits rebooted from the 70s and 80s. Now, that was when SNL was more concerned about writing great comedic skits. Unlike today, the writers please the Power Backers by writing skits filled with ridicule, very public and inflammatory  insults, and being a bully to anyone they disagree with.  Many of us aren’t laughing anymore and are tuning in to eras long since gone. Hence, the rise of syndication on YouTube and the new ad revenue vacuum.

Where does that leave us small channels?  Well, time to explore new horizons. I plan to keep my YouTube account open and post as much as we can, who knows, the algorithm might just pick us up and spit us out to like-minded folks who daydream up ways to be self-sufficient and to save money. Then again we may dwindle further into obscurity.  Like Facebook newsfeeds have become so manipulated by the algorithm, it is difficult finding your close friends and the content you really are interested in.

If you have reached the end of this insightful post, let us know if you have noticed the small channels on YouTube beginning to fade into obscurity. I am not talking about controversial ideologies, but the channel with 500 subscribers or less with a great video of maybe 80 views on how to water chickens without electricity when the whole world outside seems frozen.

To see the original post, Time Travel to 3 + years ago to September 30th, 2017. “Why do we live off grid”



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