Happy Harvest Celebrations this Autumn, We are Aware of the Political Quagmire, and Could this Title be Any Longer?

What a Beautiful Day! Enjoying the fall festivities at Hickey Farms, a family tradition of 5 years now.

This week is a week of celebration, our harvest is in. Krista has canned everything accept the apple pie filling which will be processed and canned this Monday.  The carrots, tomatoes, beans, blueberries, apple sauce, pears, pickles, Saskatoon jam, pumpkin,  and chicken are all canned and stacked in the pantry.

We harvested our russets and northern red potatoes, onions, chives, peppers, lavender, rhubarb, and raspberries.  Our pantry shelves are stocked for the winter, until next year when it starts all over again.

We are already daydreaming of the coming Thanksgiving Feast in November.  We will purchase a turkey, didn’t raise on this year, and use the bounty from our garden to supplement most of the meal.   I am looking forward to a week off from work, teaching, and the Covid restrictions teachers have faced this year in and out of the classroom.

Pumpkin Checkers

“King me, please.” My son and I enjoy a game of Pumpkin Checkers at the local Hickey Farms harvest festival.

This year we were blessed to visit a local farm with fall festival activities such as a small corn maze, games, live music, crafters, and family fun.  We purchased our sugar pumpkins there and will use them for our pumpkin pies this year.  It was a beautiful fall day when we went.

Today the sky is clear; the frost is on a barren ground.  The snow from last week is now gone.  The first snow storm hit, and we were not prepared as I had hoped.  Usually, we take the cars to the local tire shop and have them swap the all season tires for our mounted snow tires using their free service.  This year I was swapping the tires myself outside in the snow, so we could travel to Spokane the next morning.  The entire area from Spokane through the northern panhandle was covered in 3 – 4 inches snow.

Later this afternoon, I plan to put our future shop’s new concrete slab to bed for the winter.  I plan to cover it in straw and wrap it in plastic.  This should prevent frost heave during the cold Northern Idaho winter.  When Spring hits, I hope to build the walls and put the trusses on and hopefully have the outside shell done for the next winter.  We shall see.

Our world has been pretty much turned upside down since March of last year with the fear of the coronavirus and shortages on shelves in all areas from food to building materials.  As a government teacher, it is difficult to teach students the government process in this political climate.  Never in my life have I seen it this out of sync with the purpose of government elections.  The American people should never make a decision for the president based on which one they accept despite their crimes against our country because they hate or fear what the other guy will do. One thing is for sure our country is in trouble when people tune into a debate and can’t hear concrete, logical plans to solve our country’s domestic problems.  If you step back from this paragraph, you should realize that I speak about both candidates the same. I would not be surprise if two people from different sides of the political aisle think I am talking about their presidential hopeful or against him.

I don’t talk politics much on here and during this political season I see this election like the last, a lose if either candidate gets elected. The American people used to elect people for their ideals, visions for our country’s future, and hope for a free people.  This year our election is quite the opposite. I see no ideals, except censorship, the vision is everyone believes one way or our side will abuse the other verbally until you do, freedom is left to each governor’s whim.  Our nation is in deep trouble because people do not read the original sources for themselves, and those who do and call out the shenanigans of elite, power-hungry individuals are immediately labelled as conspiracy theorists and censored by their social media platforms.

This season my family is prepared for whichever candidate is elected, we understand the risks of the pandemic, we also realize the coming shortages if another shutdown occurs.  That being said, the sun still rises, the birds still sing, and the stars still twinkle behind Starlink’s armada of satellites.


9 thoughts on “Happy Harvest Celebrations this Autumn, We are Aware of the Political Quagmire, and Could this Title be Any Longer?

  1. Those shelves look nice! Are canning lids easy to find there? They are hard to find here, but, fortunately I have enough that, if needed, I’d have time to figure out else to seal the jars.


    • Wow, my first comment made a lot of sense. I made the comment just after running 6 1/2 miles. 🙂

      The full shelves look nice. Canning lids are impossible to find here. How is the supply there? Fortunately I have enough lids that, if needed, I have time to figure out other ways of sealing the jars.


      • Thank you. I built the shelves myself because prefab stuff warps. Canning lids are impossible to find up here. Krista heard that the manufactures are no longer making lids until next year. We have saved our old lids and if times get tough, we will use them again. If they don’t seal, we’ll pass the lid off as done and try another. Prepare for shortages everywhere in all departments. Life as we have known it is not going to be as affluent as it has been. We are bracing for a pre-1950s economy with a variety of shortages and limited choice.


      • Tattler is a brand of reusable canning lids. I’ve heard both good and bad things about them, but it’s all second hand information as I’ve not personally used them.

        I think society is very strong, very accomplished and very brittle. To me, if bad things happen, what will be in desperately short supply will be people with skills at doing things “manually”.

        As I’ve been typing this, I’ve decided my last slide rule post illustrates *my* brittleness. To do the problem in my slide rule post, I needed 30 minutes. I checked my work with a computer model and it took about a minute. I’m guessing “the engineer of 60 years ago” would have needed 5 minutes to do that same problem.

        When I show the “engineers of today” a slide rule, I get mystified “what’s that” looks and questions. So they are likely more brittle than myself. If I ever stop by where I used to work, I should give the engineers there that problem, along with the tools I used, and wager lunch…can they do it, or not? 🙂


      • We have Tattler lids. They are more difficult to use and if the jar contents bubble or spill over the Tattlers usually won’t seal properly.

        You are correct technology has dumbed us down quite a bit. Our attention span to solve complex problems has benn compro… Squirrel!


  2. My quote for election day 2020 via the Avett Brothers: “There ain’t no man that can save me
    There ain’t no man that can enslave me
    Ain’t no man or men that can change the shape my soul is in
    There ain’t nobody here
    Who can cause me pain or raise my fear ’cause I got only love to share
    If you’re looking for truth I’m proof you’ll find it there”

    My best to you and yours:

    Rachael King


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