Breaking Ground on the Barn Shop

We finally broke ground on the barn shop.

I finally did it. I mustered enough courage to break ground on the barn shop. The initial plan was to have me use the tractor and box blade to level the ground, but I didn’t have confidence to do it. Eventually, from calling and pricing the creation of the pad, I realized I needed to step up to save money, but also give another justification in purchasing our tractor. I probably did it the long way, but I finally did it and that is all that matters. I am inexperienced in this field of construction, so this was a learn as I go opportunity.

It took me the course of several days, and I am still not completely finished.  I want to put up the concrete forms next and level again.  Then I will place the plastic and rebar.  After that it will be time to pour the concrete and screed it.  I haven’t ran point on this before, so this will need a little more research before I begin.  The concrete pad needs to be thick enough for an automotive lift to be added later.


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