Changing a Tractor Tire and Final Tree Removal

When a tractor tire is blown, there is no option but to change it where it is at. This lone tree was in the way of the future barn shop. I decided to remove it, but it also cost me a tire repair in the process.

The cost of the repair was around $20.00 to replace the valve stem that sheared off. Sometimes I do not realize that my tractor has limits too, and I seem to always push the limits in everything I do.  This is a part of my character that can get me into lots of trouble or help me to achieve greatness.  It’s hard to rein in the desire to always push myself and my equipment to the next level, but it is time to temper myself, starting with some common sense based on the laws of physics.

Much has happened these past few weeks that circumstances have pushed me beyond my limits.  I am almost to the finish line of this marathon and a well deserved break is coming for a week or two.  Just a few more hurdles to achieve, and I can recommence my build upon the barn shop.


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