Back Saver, Tree and Stump Remover is Kioti Tractor

I have discovered so many uses for my Kioti Tractor CK3510; I am continuously amazed. Every homestead that has acreage, gathers firewood, has animals, plants gardens and orchards, plans to build outbuildings, or lifts heavy equipment needs a tractor with a loader.

For the first 6 years on the homestead, my wife and I toughed it out.  We hiked through the woods 100 to 200 feet and hand carried bucked firewood out to the pickup truck. We lifted a 700lb wood stove and pallet with 3 friends off a pickup truck bed. We hand lifted a 300 lb generator into a high lift Suburban. We dug feet and feet of earth by hand for various projects.  Hand dug each post hole for our pump house, solar array, garden fence, and wood shed.  We rented equipment to level our newly rocked driveway, remove stumps, water system, and make our homestead. Our bodies have taken abuse upon abuse of hard work beyond the limits of what a human body should endure safely to remain healthy.

As a man in my late thirties, I felt strong and in that strength came boundless ignorance as to my own limits.  I had never built a homestead before, I had no idea the harsh demands building a homestead would require upon my body.  I didn’t want to go back in debt to purchase something that cost as much as a brand new car, but top speed was 16 miles per hour.  I couldn’t see that my stubbornness and ignorance was interfering with my health.  I have seen other men at the farm and feed store hunched over, bad backs from years of abuse and muscling through a difficult situation.  I don’t want to spend my elderly years living in constant pain.  Finally, after my wife and I threw both our backs out lifting a 300 lb generator into our high lift Suburban to return it to the store, it too had limitations, we realized we needed to reevaluate and change our lifestyle.

The hunt for our tractor began, and we documented that journey on our website.  We broke our debt free existence to purchase Clementine, our Kioti CK3510 tractor with loader, thumb attachment, fork lift, and box scraper.  It has been for our homestead the best investment of our lives, and if we had made that purchase when we first started building, it would be paid off by now.

So, if you have a consistent job and plan to really work a homestead with gardens, animals, creating out buildings, or collect firewood, I would recommend purchasing the tractor at the beginning of your journey.  It will save you so much money and pain in the long run.

This post was supposed to be about how to remove a tree and stump with a tractor and to know your tractor’s limitations.   Which at the end of the video, you’ll see I exceeded them. I love this tractor.

When I get some free time off from work this summer, I will show more of how I am using it to help build the barn shop.  I have already broken ground on the shop, the building permit came through, so amidst the end of the school year chaos, I’m a teacher for those that do not know, and building, posting has taken a back seat.  I have also become more involved in my community in which I live in various ways.  More on all that later.

Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend, we all owe a lot to our veterans who have served and for all those who have fallen in the line of duty.


5 thoughts on “Back Saver, Tree and Stump Remover is Kioti Tractor

  1. “Our bodies have taken abuse upon abuse of hard work beyond the limits….”

    Could also be said (tongue in cheek) as, “More fun than any one human should be allowed to have.”. 🙂

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    • I saw some advertisements in the Co-op paper from Boundary Tractor for a Kubota tractor, 0 down, 0% Apr for 1st 60 months, but always read the fine print We bought our Kioti from Jordan Sales in Post Falls. They were honest and up front about everything. I did not have a problem with them. We have a 7 year tractor payment at 400 a month, that includes some money down because we bought a bigger tractor to build a barn shop, collect lots and lots of firewood, plus generating enough power to supply a small community. Okay we went a little overboard. There are less expensive models that can lift 900+ pounds and will be able to straighten your road with a box blade too. I am still quite happy with our purchase 2 years later. I have used it to move things that are too heavy for my back, like snow tires, chains, firewood, generators, boxes of wax, burn barrels, etc.


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