Honest Companies Do Exist… Tractor Chain Success

Sometimes it seems everyone is so busy trying to make a dollar, that integrity is the first decent thing sacrificed to get it.  Even in the blogging world, the temptation to create ad revenue before speaking a company’s name is a real thing.  When looking for tractor chains after this winter storm, I discovered two companies that deserve a shout out on putting their customers first.  To be honest, I don’t seem to run into many companies these days that share information and quality made products at a fair market price.  Living near a tourist town in which the wealthy are becoming increasingly attracted to, I find the price of things can drop nearly 40% or 50% if I drive into Spokane to purchase the same product.

This is true for my tractor chains as well.  One of my favorite local farm stores, would build me two rear chains for around $380.00.  The chains were nothing special, regular 3/8″ chain with a ladder pattern.  I thought this price was expensive, so I decided to  call Jordan Sales and Services the tractor dealership I purchased my Kioti.  They did not sell tractor chains, but they recommended Bluejay Industrial in Hayden.  All the while I am thinking this is a wild goose chase to discover what I already knew from the local farm and feed store.

After calling and talking to Bluejay Industrial, I discovered, for the same price as the local farm and feed store, I could purchase 4 chains  all with v-bar grip and the rear chains would not be just a ladder configuration but a v-bar duro grip, a square ladder pattern, which prevents slippage in the iciest conditions.  They built the chains to my specifications in less than a day, just in time for the next snow storm.

The irony I mention in the video, the mad dash to pick up the chains and the disaster that cost me my Les Schwab tire chains to break and fail on my way home is just a side note.  The overall lesson here is there are companies out there that have integrity. They do not over charge their customers, they share information freely, and provide quality services.

I did not receive any ad revenue from either of these companies, in fact, I have never received revenue for this blog.  But, when I see companies who operate like Jordan Sales and Services and Bluejay Industrial it gives me hope.  Their goal is to provide a quality product that will make your life easier and successful at a fair market price.  This is the America I grew up with and don’t get a chance to see too often anymore.



2 thoughts on “Honest Companies Do Exist… Tractor Chain Success

  1. We found the chains to be expensive local too but a friend of ours had Larry come over and they made the chains for the tractor. He charged Larry nothing but parts, less than $30. Larry now knows how to make chains! Good read, Mark


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