Where does this Off Grid Family Vacation?

Where does this off grid family vacation? Since we have lived off grid, our vacation of choice, camping, has diminished.  We generally decide to use AirBnB or hotel it, but camping only in a desperate situation. This year our vacation included my wife’s folks. We decided last year to unravel the mysterious raves about a place we never heard of before, Medora, North Dakota.

Medora Musical after the show on a beautiful summer’s eve.

My wife and her mother planned the trip with the Medora Musical as the central focal point of our visit and the Theodore Roosevelt National Park as the bonus for making such a journey across Montana.  Plus, the entrance to the park is also in Medora, ND.

We made it to the Medora Music despite great adversity.

However, this vacation has a twist or let’s just say a major wrench thrown into the mix.  Stay tuned for more updates from a smart phone, not a computer.




3 thoughts on “Where does this Off Grid Family Vacation?

    • We are all okay. No accident, no injury, just a lot of money and stress. Posting more soon when I figure out how to edit videos and what should be added or kept private.


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