“How to Delete you Facebook Account Permanently” Demonetized; it’s too controversial

The battle with Social Media continues and here are the results of this week’s wins and loss. This week I am posting a video on how to delete, and I mean really delete your Facebook account if you so choose to do so. I go, step by step, through the process on my work account. In a couple weeks, I will perform the same process for my personal account and that will be the end of Facebook for me at least.

Win: I would consider this move a win because many people online believe it is impossible to delete your Facebook Account and yet, I believe with all the steps I have taken, I have done just that. Just remember to download Facebook’s archive folder on your account and go through the activity log and delete everything individually first before you go through the deletion process I’ve shown here.

Win: The next win is after waiting over 2 months through the review process, my YouTube account has been re-monetized. Yes, I can now place ads on my video and make ad revenue, which I have never done before. YouTube did say I made 12 dollars over 3 months when we first started, and yet I still have not seen a check yet.

Loss: The irony of being monetized.  My first video to be published under the new monetization policy on “How to Delete you Facebook Account” was demonetized before I even published it. The reason for the demonetization is YouTube’s algorithm believes the video is too controversial in nature. I guess “How to Delete your Facebook Account” is more controversial than let’s say, “This is America” by Childish Gambino, Donald Glover, which is monetized without reserve. Perhaps, my videos should be as artistically and stylishly done to gain the respect of YouTube’s Advertisement Team. Silly me, thinking that there is an agenda being promoted by YouTube versus actual equality in company policy.

Comparing the controversial nature of each video.  Certainly, my video is far more nefarious than I realized.

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” Hamlet Act 1, Scene 4


One thought on ““How to Delete you Facebook Account Permanently” Demonetized; it’s too controversial

  1. This video has just been monetized, which is shocking because YT states a petition to have a video monetized needs to have a 1,000 views within the last 7 days before they will consider looking at it. This video is at 28 views. Another win?


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