Changing a Side-Mount for a Top Post Battery

Here is a quick video I did on changing the vehicle design from a side mount battery to a top post battery.  When I was filming this video, my cistern pump went out a day before, and when I got home from work, our Suburban was dead.  No connection, except a string of bad timing. The Suburban had a no start issue, and I knew it was the battery.  The battery was over 7 years old and needed to be replaced.  However, side mount batteries are not easy to recharge, jump, and keep the contacts clean . I understand why some cars used side mounts and then other cars like the Suburban has no excuse.  Side mount batteries makes it difficult finding a generic replacement, to use a battery charger, and generally costs more.  So, I am done with side-mount batteries.  I finalized the change with this video.

On a side note, I generally try to post once a week, I have a few posts this week, but I will slow down again to not clog up your reader.  As a person who likes to have a well dispersed WordPress Reader, I understand how frustrating it can get to see the same person posting on a daily or even an hourly basis, which clogs up the feed.  My wife and I are still debating if we will continue making YouTube videos.  My passion was always in writing, not cinematography, but I admit I am beginning to like learning how to edit.  That being said, there is no financial gain to creating posts or videos.  I am beginning to include more of our home base business into the posts, name of this blog, and videos.

If you like what you see here, please support our channel by visiting our store. We’re not asking for donations, but only to sell a great candle product. We also understand this is a specialty item in which not everyone enjoys, but if you do, we hope you think of us for your next candle purchase.

Thanks for visiting, we have another post scheduled for tomorrow.


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