Cistern Pump Quick Change

When the pump failed, I knew I had to change it before I left for work.  If I left the house before changing the cistern pump, my family would be without water for the day.  Unless they hand bucketed it from the cistern.  This was an early morning emergency that turned out well considering.

Behind the Scenes: We have been very busy lately, and I can honestly say I am really needing a break.  Jury duty has been aloof as my number was missed by 6 spots this week.  However, the last week in March, I am sure to be called up unless no trial is scheduled.  My son’s basketball season has come to a close and we now have our Saturdays back, but from the exhaustive week and fighting a cold, this Saturday will most likely be a day to relax and regroup.

Our business has slowed down, and we are retooling and getting geared up for the show/late spring and summer season.  YouTube an avenue/platform we are trying to use to help create some business exposure has been a demoralizing task after we lost any possibility of monetizing even though we chose not to monetize in the first place.  After a little bit of research, we noticed channels that still can monetize are promoted more by YouTube suggested videos watch, which means our exposure has been stifled. Not sure what to do.  Thinking of taking a hiatus from the channel, but I hate admitting defeat.

Thanks for your participation in our blog.  Let us know some of the daunting tasks you are facing right now in the comments below.


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