Christmas Eve… Enjoy the Moments

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone.  This is truly a blessed day at Living a Sustainable Dream.  We are blessed to have both our parents visit for the Christmas Holiday.  My son gets to know both sets of his grandparents on his Ma and Pa’s side.  When I was his age, I was not so blessed.  I only got to know my grandmother on my father’s side.  My other grandparents had already passed on.

Today, we prepared virgin Tom & Jerry batter for everyone.  We enjoy mixing the batter into our morning coffee.  Our friends a few years ago introduced us to the Tom and Jerry drink and being fans of the eggnog latte’s for years during the holiday season the batter has become a traditional hit for us.

If you would like to access how to make a Tom and Jerry, watch our YouTube video

Today, we are going to church this morning to celebrate Christmas with our parents.  Both our parents have been married over 50 years, so my wife and I are humbled when we think how marriages can last in the culture of today. Tonight, we will attend the Christmas Eve service at church, our son is one of the Magi in the play.  We saw a pre-performance last week and he did great.  We are so proud of him and both my wife and I were choked up during the performance.  We are becoming a family.

In the midst of a world full of problems, my wife and I decided to take moments to be joyful and thankful for what we have.  Even if the moments are only few minutes or seconds, just seeing the metaphorical sun through the parting clouds is enough. May you have a Merry Christmas today and find the moments that you can look back on with joy.  If nothing comes to mind, this is the evening we celebrate a baby being born and placed into a manger because there was no room in the inn.  A baby who would change the world and asked that we love our neighbor and even more importantly love our enemies by turning the other cheek.





5 thoughts on “Christmas Eve… Enjoy the Moments

  1. We loved the video, and we love you.. Please give Dave and Ruth our Love, and enjoy this evening and tomorrow with your family’s, as we remember the reason “Why we Celebrate this Day”.
    We are staring our weekend tonight, with Bruce’s Mom, Dad, Daughter and her 2 children, Sonya and Darin, Taylor and Her boyfriend will be coming on the 26th to have our Christmas with them, I LOVE having our family with us.
    We love and Miss you-all. “Merry Christmas, and a Happy Healthy, New Year ahead”..
    Dawn and Bruce ❤


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