Turn Your Pauper’s Candle into a Drinking Glass!!!

About to Drink from Glass

Turn Your Pauper’s Candle into a drinking glass!!!

Have you ever thought to yourself, what do I do with this candle now that I have burned it?  We say, “turn it into a drinking glass.”  All you have to do with your Pauper’s Candle is clean out your jar and you have yourself a glass that you can fill with your favorite beverage.  If you do not want a drinking glass you can recycle the glass jar.  How fun is that?

I have always been one to peruse through thrift stores.  Even when I was in high school and “junking” or “upcycling” was not a trendy pastime, I would go to two different “junk stores” in my area to find the best treasures to clean up and reuse.  So, being able to use a jar from our candles that can be reused for another purpose is so fun to me and it feels like I get to pass on to you, our customer, a little of myself.

To learn how to clean out your jar, all you need to know is in the video below.  May you enjoy your new drinking glass. 🙂


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